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PlayLab Beauty is a beauty discovery destination bringing the makeup and skin-care obsessed the latest K-beauty, J-beauty, and hard-to-find products that really work. We are here to demystify and simplify.

Come play with us, Pasadena! We’ll show you the must-have Asian beauty products in the most IRL way.



we offer a highly curated offering of the best and most innovative brands and products that we believe in


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Hi, I’m Vanessa! I’m not a beauty influencer and I haven’t struggled with eczema all my life. But I’ve worked in the beauty and fashion industry a long time, and I know there are a ton of brands and products that aren’t getting enough airtime and are way too hard to get your hands on. I’ve helped brands launch, grow, and get acquired. I’ve worked with brands that live and die by SephULTArget’s rules. I know the game and the rules of the beauty biz, and they’re tough.

Thus, PlayLab Beauty was born - we’re not playing by the same rules. We’re simply here to bring you the hard-to-find stuff that truly works. We’re here to demystify the innovations in beauty through our content and in-store experiences. We’re not celeb or influencer-founded, not venture-backed, just here to bring you the stuff-you-never-knew-you-always-needed in a way that allows you to play and experiment. Starting with all the gems coming out of Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Ok, so T-beauty is not yet a thing, but when it is, we’ll be the first to bring it to you.

If you pack an empty carryon in your suitcase to Asia for your beauty haul...

PlayLab was created for you.

If you’re K-beauty curious but need a friend to break it down for you...

PlayLab was created for you.

With love,

Vanessa Nabhani



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